Lincoln County Recovery Court Celebrates 2nd Graduation

Lincoln County’s Recovery Court held its second graduation ceremony on October 31, 2019.   It may have been raining and cold outside but inside the United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, warmth and happiness is what was felt. Tony Patterson, Program Director, talked a few minutes about the men and women who were going to be honored. He told family and friends who were in attendance how these people were his hero’s and how they were going to be the change for those that come after them. He challenged them to be there to lift the community up and show others that this can be done, and they can be successful.   Each of the graduates then came forward to explain what allowed them to make it through the program. Jordan said that the program had offered him many chances to start over again saying “ I do not want to be the same person I was anymore”. He said it had been a long journey and he was grateful for the people there along the road. Edward told everyone that the program had given him the ability to deal with being overwhelmed and allowed him to get back on his feet. He said, “I took drug court because I wanted to be different.” Dustyn commented that he was glad that Recovery Court gave him a chance to be a better person adding, “the drugs never let me have as much fun as I have now clean and sober.”   Lincoln County General Sessions Judge Andy Myrick, who leads Recovery Court preceding’s, had the highest praise for these graduates saying, “this group has gone from being defendants to being friends and I am going to miss them”. He also spoke about the program saying that it is helping to stop the repeat offenders he sees coming through his courtroom and added that he was very glad to be able to add more names to the plaque and hopes to continue to add more names.   Recovery Court is a partnership between the Judge, District Attorney, Defense Attorney, the Probation Office and SCHRA Justice Services Department . This is an opportunity for those who find themselves with the choice of continuing on their path or voluntarily joining a program to turn their life around. Those allowed into the program must be a non-violent offender and show the partners they would be an appropriate candidate. The program strives to enhance public safety and improve the communities quality of life by addressing the needs of the non-violent offender giving them the treatment to become positive, responsible members of the community and gaining healthy, sober and productive lives.




SCHRA Supports our County's Veterans Service Offices

SCHRA is proud  to support our Veterans and honored to support each county's Veterans Service Office.  This year we were able to turn that support into $2,000.00 assistance grants for each county's office.  This money, which comes from  Community Service Block Grant funding is able to be used by each county’s director as needed to support their county's veterans.  These directors know better than anyone exactly what their veterans need.  This money is able to be used for items such as transportation assistance to the VA, medical equipment such as walkers or shower chairs, groceries and crisis rental assistance among others.  We are thankful for all of our veterans service to our nation and are honored to be able to give direct assistance to those same veterans.

(Photos left to right: Marshall County VSO Director, Jeremy Moorehead and SCHRA Community Advocate Coordinator, Patricia Keenan, -- Hickman County VSO Director, Rick Humphrey and SCHRA CAC, Patricia Keenan and Coffee County Mayor, Gary Cordell, VSO Director, Gene Stillings and SCHRA CAC, Patricia Keenan)

County VSO Directors with SCHRA Community Advocate Coordinator Patricia Keenan


(Photos from left to right Franklin County Mayor David Alexander, VSO Service Officer Michelle Stovall and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan;  Moore County Mayor Bonnie Lewis and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan;  Bedford County Mayor Chad Graham, Director of Finance Robert Daniel, VSO Administrator Pamela Roberson and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan)


(photos from left to right: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan and Giles County Veterans Service Officer Barry Alsup; SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan and Lincoln County Veterans Service Officer Terry Quick)



Photo below: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan, Maury County Veterans Services Director Gabriel Wren, Maury County Veterans Services Officer Jay Ramaswamy and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles                                                


 Photo below: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan, Wayne County Veterans Services Officer John Allen Berry, Wayne County Mayor Jim Mangubat and Tennessee Congressman Dr. Mark Green


Photo below left: SCHRA Community Advocate Patricia Keenan and Perry County Veteran Service Officer Kenny Belew; below right: Lewis County Mayor Jonah Keltner, SCHRA Community Advocate Patricia Keenan, Lewis County Veterans Service Officer Richie Brewer and Lewis County Commissioner Nathan Kelly












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