LIHEAP Open Enrollment Begins October 1, 2019

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program will begin accepting applications for assistance on October 1st, 2019.  LIHEAP is designed to provide financial assistance to elderly, handicapped and low-income persons to help offset a portion of the cost of energy used to heat their homes.  Priority assistance is given to those with the lowest income.   If you are in need of assistance please contact your local Neighborhood Service Center to make an appointment to determine eligibility as well as required documents to receive assistance.  Information on each Neighborhood Service Center is on the map at the bottom of the website main page.

Ribbon Cutting for the new American Job Center at SCHRA

Even the rain could not dampen the great day today at South Central Human Resource Agency.  Fayetteville/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce members joined employees at SCHRA and County Mayor Bill Newman for the official ribbon cutting for the newly opened Lincoln County American Job Center site located inside South Central Human Resource Agency.  This long awaited partnership between SCHRA and AJC is progressing through all 13 counties covered by SCHRA with the anticipated final offices opening by the beginning of October 2019.

Employment assistance has been an important aspect in helping those who are in need of other assistance available at SCHRA.  As the Agency’s motto states, “Helping People Help Themselves” this collaboration will do just that.  WIOA Director, Pamela Morris said “ when clients come in for assistance with LIHEAP or other services, we can now assist them in job placement and assistance.  This is not only for those unemployed but also those underemployed.  Gary (Gary Haile,  Lincoln County AJC Career Advisor) has connections with local companies needing to hire and he will be able to help those needing employment.”

The American Job Centers here at SCHRA are designed to provide a full range of assistance to job seekers under one roof.  Assistance includes access to employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the job market.  Job seekers who take advantage of these services receive a similar experience to what you would find with a recruitment agency, resume writer or career coach but without the cost.  Centers focus on placing individuals in quality jobs paying a living wage.  American Job Centers can connect with training programs in nearly every field and depending on circumstances some or all of the costs of training are covered from the Department of Labor.  There are also opportunities for employers as well.  Employers can utilize the centers for recruitment, candidate screening and more also at no cost.  This program is definitely a win-win all around.

For information about the employment assistance offered through SCHRA and the American Job Center in Lincoln County contact Gary Haile, Career Advisor at 931-433-7182, ext. 1195.


SCHRA has representation at NEUAC

The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) is a coalition of organizations and individuals concerned with the energy needs and issues of the nation’s low income population.  The NEUAC conference was held the first week of June and many varied and informative workshops and sessions were offered.  The sessions covered topics from Outreach to Vulnerable Populations to Policy, Advocacy, and Education to name just a few.  However, a common topic that relates directly to South Central Human Resource Agency were sessions concerning the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP.  LIHEAP serves a vital life-saving role; providing the means to consistent home heating and cooling to those most at risk.  The program is an efficient and effective tool that collaborates with community based programs to support thousands of vulnerable citizens including the elderly, disabled, unemployed and families with young children.  This financial assistance with energy costs can allow families to remain in the safety and security of their homes.

In the state of Tennessee in 2017, LIHEAP spent $58,665,764 in utility assistance and weatherization programs.  There were over 705,00 Tennessee families that were eligible for LIHEAP, however only 87,527 households received that assistance.   In the families that received assistance, over 87% had a family member who was considered vulnerable.  A more revealing breakdown of the numbers show 37.82% had a family member over 60 years old, 54.60% had a family member who was disabled and 14.41% of the families had a child under 6 years old.  In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, South Central Human Resource Agency provided over $2,800,000 to 7,363 applicants across our 13 county region.  We also provided over $332,000 is assistance for 30 Weatherization projects across the region. (information from and SCHRA Annual Report 2017-2018)

Sara Brown, Deputy Executive Director, stated that this conference was “a good chance to meet with peers and see best practices from other states and organizations”.  Those in attendance were able see what the agency can do to improve service delivery as well as taking the opportunities to work in conjunction with other agencies and organizations in each county to make sure we are serving each community to the best of our ability.


Photo below of NEUAC attendees L to R: Sara Brown, Deputy Executive Director, Debbie Hopkins, WAP Coordinator, Rebecca Holdmeyer, LIHEAP Assistance                                                                         Coordinator and Blake Lay, Lawrenceburg City Mayor

Congratulations to the first Recovery Court Graduates

South Central Human Resource Agency's Justice Services Recovery Court program graduated its first class.  This graduation ceremony honored the first three individuals who completed the intensive substance abuse treatment program.  The first graduates were Robert Garcia, Walter Howard and Jeannie Wallace.  The program duration is typically 14-16 months and program clients are under strict supervision from the Recovery Court team.  The programs goals are to enhance public safety and improve the overall quality of life in the community by addressing the needs of non-violent offenders and return these men and women to healthy, sober and productive lives.   Judge N. Andy Myrick, presiding judge over the program, spoke to the graduates saying that he hoped these graduates can "be an example to everyone".  Currently the program has 16 people enrolled.


Photo: Center front L to R: Walter Howard, Robert Garcia and Jeannie Wallace.  They are surrounded by family, friends and the Recovery Court team.

SCHRA Supports our County's Veterans Service Offices

SCHRA is proud  to support our Veterans and honored to support each county's Veterans Service Office.  This year we were able to turn that support into $2,000.00 assistance grants for each county's office.  This money, which comes from  Community Service Block Grant funding is able to be used by each county’s director as needed to support their county's veterans.  These directors know better than anyone exactly what their veterans need.  This money is able to be used for items such as transportation assistance to the VA, medical equipment such as walkers or shower chairs, groceries and crisis rental assistance among others.  We are thankful for all of our veterans service to our nation and are honored to be able to give direct assistance to those same veterans.

(Photos left to right: Marshall County VSO Director, Jeremy Moorehead and SCHRA Community Advocate Coordinator, Patricia Keenan, -- Hickman County VSO Director, Rick Humphrey and SCHRA CAC, Patricia Keenan and Coffee County Mayor, Gary Cordell, VSO Director, Gene Stillings and SCHRA CAC, Patricia Keenan)

County VSO Directors with SCHRA Community Advocate Coordinator Patricia Keenan


(Photos from left to right Franklin County Mayor David Alexander, VSO Service Officer Michelle Stovall and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan;  Moore County Mayor Bonnie Lewis and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan;  Bedford County Mayor Chad Graham, Director of Finance Robert Daniel, VSO Administrator Pamela Roberson and SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan)


(photos from left to right: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan and Giles County Veterans Service Officer Barry Alsup; SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan and Lincoln County Veterans Service Officer Terry Quick)



Photo below: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan, Maury County Veterans Services Director Gabriel Wren, Maury County Veterans Services Officer Jay Ramaswamy and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles                                                


 Photo below: SCHRA CAC Patricia Keenan, Wayne County Veterans Services Officer John Allen Berry, Wayne County Mayor Jim Mangubat and Tennessee Congressman Dr. Mark Green


Photo below left: SCHRA Community Advocate Patricia Keenan and Perry County Veteran Service Officer Kenny Belew; below right: Lewis County Mayor Jonah Keltner, SCHRA Community Advocate Patricia Keenan, Lewis County Veterans Service Officer Richie Brewer and Lewis County Commissioner Nathan Kelly












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