Condensed Quarterly Commodity Distribution Wraps Up

Normally, the Commodity Distribution program at South Central Human Resource Agency is conducted every quarter, two counties each week completed in just about a 2 month time frame.  Due to the COVID-19 virus and how it has affected our families and communities, it was decided that this quarters' distribution would be done a bit differently.  Rather than two counties a week, we have covered all thirteen counties in just a little over three weeks.  This change was a result of wanting to get food into each community as quickly as possible in order to help the families in each county.  As we come to the end of this quarters distribution, I think we can consider it a success.  It has been super busy and sometimes hectic, however, without the help and dedication of our incredible groups of volunteers and staff in each county we would not have been able to make it work and have it be the success that it was.  


Perry County Commodity Distribution

Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that came out to help us at the Perry County Commodity Distribution event.  We were able to help over 150 families with non-perishable foods.  We were thankful that the rain held off so that we could be there to support the families and community.



Marshall County Commodity Distribution

We had a great turn out in Lewisburg from our amazing group of volunteers and staff as well as families coming out for assistance.  From our distribution point at Hopetown, we loaded up nonperishable food boxes for 180 families.  We had great group of young men that included Isaiah, Kavares, LaQuinton and LA that loaded up vehicles quickly.  We are also grateful to have State Representative Rick Tillis join us in helping to support the families of Marshall County.




Lincoln County Commodity Distribution

Our Commodity Distribution was a family affair in Lincoln County.  Since Fayetteville is Headquarters for SCHRA we were fortunate that in addition to our great volunteers, we had a large number of staff able to come and help out too.  Some of those staff members brought out some of their family members to help out as well.  Everyone was kept busy as we helped to support 235 families with nonperishable food boxes.




Hickman County Commodity Distribution

The rain held off once again to allow us to get to work supporting the families in Hickman County with nonperishable food distribution.  Thank you to our great volunteers and staff that made the day a success.  We were visited by 133 families in Centerville and we were glad to see them.




Giles County Commodity Distribution

It may have been raining and cool but that did not stop the wonderful volunteers and staff that came out in support of the families in Giles County.  We were grateful to have Giles County Mayor Melissa Greene join us in putting together bags that were loaded up into the vehicles.



SCHRA Headquarters would like to thank all of our incredible volunteers and staff for all of the hard work, in all kinds of weather, to make sure that this quarters Commodity Distribution a success.  Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the dates, time and locations for next quarters events.



Another busy week for Commodity Distribution

We had another great week supporting our counties and families through the SCHRA Commodity Distribution program.  Once again, the volunteers that showed up to give their time and talents made each day a success and we are grateful for their assistance.  This week the truck put some major miles on the odometer as we visited Franklin County, Coffee County, Wayne County, Lewis County and ended the week in Moore County.

On Monday, we traveled to Winchester in Franklin County.  Thanks to the help of our volunteers and staff were able to have very successful event.  We were also thrilled to have State Representative Iris Rudder there to help load up the vehicles that came through.



On Tuesday, we headed to Manchester and Coffee County.  Besides our fabulous volunteers and staff that make this event happen each quarter; we were thrilled that some of the wonderful members of the Manchester Fire and Rescue Department joined us in supporting Coffee County families.  They assisted us in keeping the lines moving and the families getting some help that was needed.


On Wednesday, we made the trek west to Wayne County stopping in Waynesboro.  Once again, the dedication of our volunteers and staff to the families of Wayne County made sure that the event was a success.  It was a busy day for the volunteers and staff as 230 families came by to say hi and take part in this distribution event for the quarter.



Thursday, we headed north to Hohenwald and Lewis County.  It was a gorgeous day and even though we had to switch locations, there was a great turn out.  Once again, without the help of our volunteers and staff this event would not be the success it was.  We were so happy to have Lewis County Mayor Jonah Keltner out with us.  We are incredibly appreciative for his support for this program and for the agency as a whole.  We were so happy to have been able to help over 200 Lewis County families with the distribution this quarter.



We ended the week visiting Lynchburg and Moore County.  The weather stayed great for us and we were thrilled to see the approximately 50 families we had come through.  It is always a great day when County Mayor Bonnie Lewis stops by for a visit.  We are grateful for her support.  As always, without our volunteers and staff that do all the set up and delivery these events would not be able to be the successes they are.


As always, SCHRA headquarters wants to say THANK YOU to all of our incredible volunteers and staff that are giving of their time and muscle to make sure that each of the county commodity distribution events not only happens, but is successful.  We are grateful for the support that you are giving us as well as your communities and families.


Time for quarterly Commodity Distribution

As we all are getting accustomed to our new normal; we are so happy to be able to continue one of our very important community support programs.  Our Commodity Distribution program delivers non-perishable food packages to families in need in each of the 13 counties which we serve.  We were fortunate to have gotten to almost each county before stay-at-home orders were put into place.   It is that time again and our volunteers and staff were raring to get going and we have started traveling our region looking forward to seeing everyone.  We started out in Maury County, then headed south to visit Lawrenceburg and wrapped up the week in Shelbyville; which was incredibly important as it was one of the county’s that we were not able to go visit during the first quarter. 

In Columbia, our dedicated volunteers and staff put together over 250 food packages and delivered them, non-contact, into the vehicles that were snaked around the parking lot at the St. Catherine’s Church.  In addition to our wonderful volunteers and staff we were honored to have State Representative Scott Cepicky, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles and Columbia Mayor Chaz Molder helping us out in support of the families in Maury County.  South Central Human Resource Agency is grateful for all of the support we had in Columbia for this event.




In Lawrenceburg we were once again grateful for the support of our amazing volunteers and staff that came out to help their community.  This was our biggest turnout for the week with 300 families receiving assistance through this distribution event.  Our volunteers and staff were amazing as they kept the line moving that was wrapped around the Baptist church on Thursday.  It was a little on the cool side when everything started that morning but the help we were able to provide, along with the all the smiles and thank you’ s we received, warmed everyone up.




Finally, we wrapped up the week heading north to Shelbyville.  The weather had definitely taken a turn for the worse but you would have never known that seeing the number of dedicated volunteers and staff that were on hand to put together the packages and get them loaded up into vehicles.  We were grateful to have State Representative Pat Marsh join us in supporting the families in Bedford County.  We were so happy to have been able to assist about 150 families during this event.




As always South Central Human Resource Agency is incredibly grateful for the support of the volunteers who come out, regardless of weather conditions, to not only help us but more importantly to help those in their communities who might need a little extra assistance.  While we are fortunate that it is a normal occurrence for us to have this help, it is even more important during the trials that so many in our communities are going through right now.  We would not be able to do it without them and are incredibly thankful.

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