Ribbon Cutting's for Hickman and Perry County American Job Center sites

The month of March started off busy for SCHRA and WIOA with two AJC ribbon cuttings.  As part of the mandate given to the Agency, we are ensuring each of our counties are set up with American Job Center sites to cater to each specific county.  On March 4th, we were able to celebrate ribbon cuttings for the Hickman and Perry County american job centers.  In both Centerville and Linden, we were joined by city and county government officials as well as Tennessee State officials and each county’s Chambers of Commerce to kick off the official opening of each site.


Hickman County american job center ribbon cutting


The Hickman County Career Advisor, Vicki Erranton talked about the center; “I am very excited to be  working in the county I went to High School!  I have been reacquainting me self with some of the leaders of the community.   Linda Morrison & I will be meeting with Rob Mitchell (Hickman County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member)  and some of the Vocational instructors to see how we can work with programs already in the school system. Our main focus will be Youth Work Experience Program  and how we may assist the eligible students!  Hopefully, we will be assisting Junior & Seniors now why they are still in school and when they decide whether they are going to College, Vocational College or straight to work. The school shares the excitement as we come together and see how we may best help the student!”  She added; “We have been open since January 21, 2020. We have had some success with our Veteran Assistance Program along with Marcia Williams Disabled Veteran Services (Columbia and Andrew Potter, Local Veteran Employment Representative (Columbia) ! We have seen several senior, with some success in looking for jobs.  I am receiving  great compliments from the community and the fact we are here. The job applicant is very happy to see us here!”


Perry County american job center ribbon cutting


Perry County Career Advisor, Janet Carroll, when asked how she thought the ribbon cutting went said; “I thought it went well and we had a good turnout, the picture was on the front page of our local paper.  I actually had 2 customers immediately following our opening and I think once word gets out, traffic will pick up.  Everyone I’ve talked with in the community is glad we have it back and a place for people to go for “personal” assistance.  Our local plant, NYX, brought some applications for me to have on hand as they are needing to hire right now.  Since we have the grant, we are concentrating on recruiting in school youth for the work experience program.  I have six registered and working right now and more in the process.   

Hickman and Perry County are fortunate to have two dedicated Career Advisors in Vicki and Janet.  They are both ready to assist the citizens in their county work to find employment.  Each office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The offices will be closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm each day for lunch.

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